Helping You Fill Or Find Church Jobs and Christian Ministry PositionsHelping You Fill Or Find Church Jobs and Christian Ministry Positions

Helping you fill or find church jobs and Christian ministry positions on Thursday, May 24th 2018

MinistrySearch is designed to help you fill or find Christian ministry job positions, and these other resources may be valuable to you.

cost of living
The cost of living varies from city to city. Salaries differ as well. Find out what you need to earn to maintain your family's current standard of living with a cost of living calculator. Employers also can be sure they are covering the salary needs of their employees.
If you are looking for a new position, you will probably be looking for new housing. If you are hiring, it would be wise to know what it will cost to buy in your area.
Where is that ministry located... How far is it from the relatives... Is there an easy way to get directions for the candidate that is driving in, or for your committee that is visiting other churches? Enter an address, or just a city and state and you will be on your way to online maps.

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